Monday, June 2, 2014



Pretend that it’s one year from today and you are throwing a party to celebrate the #1 accomplishment that your team pulled off this year. You are celebrating ONE GREAT THING….the #1 thing that you asked them to deliver. The #1 thing where you asked your team to put a crazy intense focus. And they did it.

Back to the present. You and your team have started working on that ONE THING and you will work on it all year. You’ve asked questions, planned, strategized, made lists and identified goals to make it happen. Below are a few more questions - of a different type - to make sure that party happens.

Do your key people know that this is your #1 expectation?

If you asked each one to talk about #1, would everyone give the same answer?

Does your #1 get “enough” focus, time, energy, learning, thinking and doing from each person?

Do you spend “enough” time talking to your people about #1; finding new ways to make it happen and doing all that you can to make it happen?

Does everyone in the company (division) know about #1?

Can everyone talk about #1 the way you want them to?

Have you spent time with everyone who has a role in accomplishing #1?

Have you allocated “enough” money?

If not, why not?

It’s a year from today. Time is running out.