Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What’s True


Managers have to be completely committed to the truth. You set yourself up for great success as a leader when your people know that you will not accept anything less than the truth. And that this standard is applied to both the incoming and outgoing.
We are all incredibly busy. We get distracted by the little fires that spontaneously combust every hour of the day. We make poor decisions when we don’t take the time to determine what is really true. We invent perception, half-truths, denial and exaggeration. We guess. And we get good at making excuses.
As a manager, you set the standard for performance. Your team will follow your lead. Start by telling yourself the truth and insisting that those around do the same. No more enhancements. No wiggle room. No more great stories killed by an eyewitness. When you require the truth you can accept it, analyze it and do something.
Pick something that you have avoided dealing with. Uncover what is true about that situation. Do something and move on.