Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Do You DO DO DO?

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Question: As you set out to make your next hire, how high will you aim?
Another question: What are you willing TO DO to ensure a great hire?
Answer: Search relentlessly for the most talented person for the job, and and commit to learning the skills needed to find them. You can become a champion at great hiring and become the envy of your competitors.

The learning division of the Gallup Organization is an authority on selection (aka great hiring), and their data and training are superb. . Gallup's research on selection over the last 40 years consistently reveals that just one in ten is a great fit for the work they do. And that’s across all industries. Ouch.

Question: Why is it so damn difficult to find highly talented people?

Answer: Because most companies don’t view selection and hiring as management skills to be learned and developed. Most managers and/or HR professionals are not committed to interviewing relentlessly.

When you commit to hiring talented people the process always starts (and ends) with two things:
1. A specific job description
2. Identifying the talents needed for THAT job. (think sports and music)

Job Descriptions should start with the outcome (sell copiers), but don’t stop there. List everything the employee will DO for 40+ hours every week; the tasks and the behaviors. Every bullet point should be a “DO”.

If you can’t see it, it’s a concept, not a behavior. Excellent job descriptions include the outcomes required and the behavior needed to get there. The WHAT and the HOW. Last, you focus on the talent to get the job done.

You’re hiring a customer service manager….
Concept: Improve our customers’ perceptions of our return policy”.

Behavior: talk to customers daily, ask questions about their return experience, create a scoring system, lead the team to develop specific solutions.
You can see someone doing those tasks, right?

Once you have the specific WHAT and HOW, you will be able to ask better questions of candidates.

Next post: all about talent. How you uncover a person's natural talents.

Try this: Write a job description.
Part I - the outcomes.
Part II: a list of everything the person will DO in the job.

And try this, too: read these classic books on selection and hiring. Or listen to them. They will transform your views of hiring - and more.

SOAR WITH YOUR STRENGTHS by Donald O. Clifton & Paula Nelson

NOW, DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton
FIRST, BREAK ALL THE RULES by Marcus Buckingham