Monday, April 14, 2014

Manager as Magician

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You can make magic. You can magically make a lot of people in your organization pretty darn happy if you commit to making your meetings better. Skip over the pondering and assume that your meetings just aren’t especially great. Or effective. Or useful. Or well run. Ouch.

You might be doing a lot of managerial things well, but when you give bad meeting it’s painfully memorable. And people are more inclined to remember the bad stuff. The good news is that improving any meeting is pretty easy if you commit to changing some behavior.

“What if your meeting is always the best meeting of the week??” Here’s how to make it happen:

Ask for input and face the truth.

Create a list of essential meeting elements & ask people to score their answers. A 1-5 scoring system works well. For example, I GET SOMETHING USEFUL FROM EVERY MEETING. 1= strongly agree and 5 = strongly disagree. You can get actionable info quickly and objectively.

Ask what people want more of and less of.

When you're about to schedule a meeting make it pass this test...
Ask WHY are you having the meeting? The reason should be important or necessary.

Ask WHAT is the outcome you need at end of the meeting & will this meeting really contribute to that outcome?

Ask WHO needs to attend in order to make it successful?

The most essential element for ensuring a great meeting is your commitment to make it happen. Ask for feedback after every meeting and every meeting will be better than the last.


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