Monday, February 3, 2014

One To One Meetings - Part II

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I want to convince you that a scheduled One to One Meeting every with each of your key employees will transform your work experience with them in so many ways. (See my first comment on 1:1 meetings, two posts ago). Here's why:

“The Boss Thing”. ....everyone, no matter how high their position in a company, wants 1:1 time with the boss. We want the boss to know how hard we’re working… plus 100 other things we want the boss to know.

For 15-30 minutes every week you can spend time NOT putting out a fire or dealing with deadlines. Your 1:1 meetings will bring back the concept of "think time".

You will learn about problems much sooner. Guaranteed.

Meeting weekly with people fosters trust. And honesty. And candor.

People will interrupt you less often with small issues because they know they have 30 minutes e very week to discuss the small stuff.

One to One conversations with your key people create time to think & strategize.

Do you need more reasons to believe in the power of 1:1 meetings? Okay…your employees. I challenge you to show them these two posts on 1:1’s. Ask if they agree with the concept & whether they would like to spend 15-30 minutes with you weekly. Then, scheduled four 1:1's.

One important thing to know about 1:1's: the first three or four are likely to be a little unfamiliar or uncomfortable. So, it’s on YOU, the boss, to set the agenda. And you've gotta have one.
Ask each person to make a list of five topics for meeting #1: five questions they want answered, five goals for the next 12 months, five things they want to brag about to you, five complaints, or five company suggestions – you get the picture. The list has to be specific.

After you make the list choose the things you will work on in your first four 1:1”s.

This little thing called 1:1 meetings can truly transform the work you do with your staff. They are essential for their development….for which you are responsible. People don’t work for companies. People work for people.