Monday, February 24, 2014

Everyone Hates Meetings

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There is one & only one reason we all dread meetings: almost all of them are a waste of time. Actually, it’s not that we hate meetings – we just hate the BAD meetings. We would be deeeelighted to go to a good meeting.

So, what is the definition of a good meeting? Also an easy answer. A good meeting is one where there is value for YOU. Where a problem gets solved, or a marketing challenge revealed or where you get the thing you went to the meeting to GET.

And since you are the boss, you get to be the one who creates the good meetings. And all the meetings should be good meetings. Simple to understand but not easy to do.

Five Elements of a GOOD Meeting

1. An Outcome……….what you want to have at the end of the meeting.
2. The Right People…. the attendees must be ready & able to
make decisions in order to get the outcome.
3. The Meeting Before the Meeting… to people before the meeting
so you know what you need to know at the meeting.
4. Commitment……….get agreement in advance that people will arrive
one time & will stay until the outcome is reached.
5. Format……………….figure out in advance if the meeting is for
reporting, discussion, debate or info gathering.6. This one’s for
extra credit. Have a sense of humor. At all times.