Monday, January 13, 2014

Concept v. Behavior

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What do the following ideas have in common?
Let’s work harder……We can take it to the next level…She needs a better attitude…We can work better as a team…I am going to focus more.

They are all declarative concepts. They all focus on the outcome.
That's the right beginning, but there has to be a plan for the specific behaviors required in order to get that outcome. Without adding the behavior it’s hard to SEE how that outcome can be achieved, or what’s really going to happen.

SEE is the magic word here, because if I can’t SEE how it’s going to happen – that is, SEE the behavior – then it’s just a concept. (If this was a childrfen's book it would be called "What Do We See")?

The beauty of this principle is that the pass/fail consists of just one question: Can I see it? Let's take a real example like “working together”. That's the beginning concept, but is there a list of behaviors we will see when they are working together as a team? What does working together look like? When you SEE people working together what does it look like?

Once the concept is identified as the outcome, the next step is to make a list of some team behaviors that you can SEE. Here are some examples.

1. Discuss & agree on what each team member will do.
2. Agree on a specific outcome & the time needed to achieve it.
3. Create a time line of everything that has to happen – & when.
4. How many meetings & who has to attend?
5. Who is the team leader & what does she do?
6. How do disputes get resolved?
7. What other resources are needed to get started?
8. What is the cost of all resources needed?

You can SEE it, right? Everything on that list is a behavior and if everyone is taking action then the outcome will practically take care of itself. Those are just a few examples of what you might SEE when your team is “working together”.
Just ask, "can I see it"?