Monday, November 25, 2013

Hope Called in Sick Today

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HOPE is a word that has no place in business (unless it’s the first name of your talented assistant). Every time you hear it said out loud some sort of imaginary buzzer in your brain should alert you at a painful decibel. Then a neon ribbon should scroll across your eyes that says, "an employee is about to hope for something, rather than do something".

I admit this is a little cheesy, but hearing someone say “I hope” bugged me so much that I created a little ceremony at the start of some meetings. I put an empty chair off to the side of the room and taped a piece of paper with the word 'Hope' on it. I said that Hope was our imaginary magical employee...the one who made sure that all the right things happened.

Inevitably, someone woulde say that word and I would (politely) interrupt. I would say that Hope would be joining us soon, but since she hadn’t arrived yet there was no Hope in this meeting. That would take us to the “do” part of the conversation nicely.

We had a great team and the managers picked up on this idea pretty quickly; we all agreed that Hope really wasn’t likely to actually show up at any of our meetings. Instead, we created action plans.

Don’t hope. Do.


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